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First-Year Studies


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USTU 1250 First-Year Studies:  The UTC Experience

In this course you will meet once a week with a group of about 25 UTC freshmen to learn about transitioning from high school to college. Although you may have been a successful high school student, we have learned from previous freshmen that college may offer more challenges than you expected. Be a part of a group where you can learn and talk about these challenges and experiences. This course is highly recommended to help you compete successfully during your first year of college.


Faculty/Exempt Staff Information

USTU 1250 First-Year Studies: The UTC Experience

UTC faculty and exempt staff may apply to teach a section of The UTC Experience.  This course makes a significant impact on first-year students as they endeavor to navigate the challenges of university life.  It equips them with the tools to become successful academically, socially, and personally. Course content centers on the challenging transition to college learning, major and career exploration, and the essential skills necessary to be successful in and out of the classroom.  USTU 1250 serves as an anchor for several of our first-year programs and plays a critical role in UTC's persistence to graduation efforts.


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Application Deadline is Wednesday, April 16th at 5:00 PM!