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Orientation Resources for Faculty

Faculty engagement with freshman during summer orientation is crucial.  Students need to see and interact with you while they’re on campus during the summer.  Because of the success of our pilot program last summer, we’ve pre-registered our freshmen who have completed an Academic Interest Questionnaires (AIQ).  They have told us about their high school preparation as well as their future majors and courses they would like to take this fall.  The professional advisors from academic departments and the Center for Advisement and Student Success created individual schedules for these freshmen starting with assigning each student the appropriate level English and math courses.  Then students received the first course in the chosen major field plus two additional courses (usually general education courses) based on the student responses to the AIQ.

When students come to you on Day One during freshman orientation, they will already have been pre-registered for about 15 hours of courses.

Faculty responsibility during orientation is similar to last year’s.  On Day One of orientation we’ll need faculty from 2:15 until 3:45.  We’re asking you to spend time with your advisees talking at length about your major and what it entails.  Tell them what time investment your major involves and the behaviors of successful students in your major.  They also should hear about what may follow a degree in your program, perhaps graduate school and/or kinds of positions they can expect.  In other words, this session should focus on the major and not on finding courses since students will already have full-time status when they come to you.  You will, of course, want to explain why their schedules look as they do, tell them why they have been enrolled in the courses they have, and help them adjust their schedules if such is appropriate.  At this time you will give your students their fall schedules (which you will have received from the advisors when you come to retrieve your students.)

On Day Two of orientation, we’ll need faculty sometime between 8:45 and 12:45 depending on when students in your majors register for courses.  This year we have scheduled four sessions, at which time faculty will look over the student schedules one more time, giving students their alternate pins. Students will then go to the computer lab to make any schedule changes.  Prior to each orientation session, department heads will receive a list of their majors. So that you can learn more about faculty involvement for this year's freshman orientation, we’ve scheduled two training sessions.  Please click on the link for faculty training sessions to schedule your session.