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the word WILD with the I formed into a tree with leaves and roots


Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development 

What is WILD?

The Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) is a new program designed to foster student’s leadership skills throughout their college career. Students who are accepted into WILD will be given opportunities to learn and develop their leadership skills through a series of adventure based programs set in the outdoors.

Who can apply?

All incoming freshman at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga are eligible to apply regardless of major or field of study.


When does it start?

The WILD program will begin August 9th. A 4 day Adventure Week trip is available one week before classes begin. The cost of this Trip $150, while the rest of the programs during the school year will be free to WILD students. During this week, students will get to know one another while backpacking in one of the forest areas near Chattanooga.

What will we do?

The WILD program will embark on another journey in the wilderness once every 4 to 6 weeks, each program taking place in a different location and participating in a different activity. The WILD trips may vary in length but the majority of programs will include at least one night spent camping and an activity such as canoeing, hiking, or climbing.

After completing a full year with the WILD Program, students will have earned an opportunity to go on an Expeditionary Experience in the summer, which is a culmination of all the experiences they have participated in throughout the year. Each student is required to attend at least three programs each semester, for a total of six programs to be eligible to attend the Expeditionary Experience.



What comes after the first year?

After completing their first year, WILD students may apply for a second year in the program, in which they would step into an assistant leadership role and help in the plan events for the incoming freshmen WILD students. This process will continue every year up to four years. Each year the students will gain more of a leadership role in the WILD program. Fourth year WILD students will earn a certificate of completion for their accomplishments.

How to Apply

In order for students to apply to the WILD program, they must only fill out the application below. Each applicant will be carefully reviewed those accepted into the program will be notified by a WILD representative.


CLICK HERE for the WILD APPLICATION for the 2014-2015 school year