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Summer Trips & Clinics



Trips are free with a $20.00 deposit check. Checks may only be in the patron's name who is signing up. We require one check per trip. WE CAN NOT ACCEPT CASHIER CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS.  Sign up in the Outdoors Center, located on the first floor of the Aquatics and Recreation Center (ARC).

Cancellation Info:  All Trips have a mandatory pre-trip meeting on the Tuesday before a trip. All cancellations will need to be made before the pre-trip meeting for a full refund. 

If the trip is canceled, refunds will be returned to the patron in person. You will be notified by the trip leaders the day before the trip if this occurs. 

Further Note: These are high adventure activities so please be aware that there are risks involved.  UTC Outdoors strives to minimize these risks, yet all elements of risks can never be eliminated. To prevent any problems, follow all instructions giving by the trip leaders, follow all safety guidelines and regulations.  Please read, fill out, sign and date the trip health form and hold harmless agreement.  Your information will remain private.

Trip Descriptions:

Day Hike Ozone Falls:

Trip date is  6/11/16. Grab your hiking boots and join us for a hiking trip to see the beautiful 110 ft waterfall at Ozone Falls, as well as the gorge surrounding it. This is a beginner hike with a rewarding view, seeping with historical significance. The waters were once thought to contain healing power.

Trip includes transportation, instruction and equipment. There is a mandatory pre-trip meeting on 6/7/16.


Snorkel Cherokee National Forest:

Trip date is 6/25/16. This is your chance to take a day off and get in the water. We are going to the Cherokee National Forest and snorkeling in the sweet blue holes. See things from a new perspective and challenge yourself by trying something new or developing a skill more. This is your chance to see a variety of aquatic life and learn more about different types of freshwater fish! 

Trip includes participation fees, wetsuit, snorkel, transportation, and instruction. There is a mandatory pre-trip meeting on 6/21/16. 


Bat Cave Canoe Trip:

Trip date are  7/15/16 and 7/29/16. If you love bats, canoes, or sunsets, this is the trip for you. We will take a short drive to Nickajack Lake at sunset and then canoe across the lake to the opening of a large protected cave.  We can sit and marvel at the sun setting and then witness the hundreds of bats flying out of the mouth of the cave to go feast on bugs. This is a great chance to take back a few hours of your time and spend them enjoying nature.

Trip includes transportation, instruction and equipment. There are mandatory pre-trip meetings on 7/12/16 and 7/26/16.


Day Hike The Waterfalls of Grundy Forest:

Trip date is 7/17/16. Take a break from the stress of classes and get outside with a group of other students and witness some of the beautiful wildlife in the Grundy Forest State Park. This is a chance to check out a new place that is nearby and give you a better knowledge of all the areas near Chattanooga that you can get away and enjoy.

Trip includes transportation, instruction and equipment. There is a mandatory pre-trip meeting on 7/12/16.


Day Hike Suter Falls & Horsepound Falls:

Trip date is 7/30/16. The summer is coming to a close so spend the day with UTC Outdoors hiking and exploring while witnessing some unique waterfalls. Suter Falls flows over a large magical cavern area, and Horsepound Falls is a short wide waterfall that dumps into a sink making it seemingly disappear at first glance. Let’s get outside and see some nature, it’s neat!

Trip includes transportation, instruction and equipment. There is a mandatory pre-trip meeting on 7/26/16.