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UTC Campus Recreation requires a membership to utilize all of our wonderful amenities.
Amenities include (but not limited to): access to the 14,000 square feet Aquatic and Recreation Center,
UTC Outdoors equipment rentals and trips, ARC Fitness personal training and participation in Intramural sports.
For membership questions, visit the Campus Recreation main office or call 423.425.4213.


(ARC Memberships include The ARC, Maclellan & Racquet Center)


Location to sign up

Current UTC Students

(Undergraduate and Graduate where recreation fees ARE included in the maintenance fees)


Automatic membership once enrollment and activity fees are paid and processed.

Current UTC Student

(Undergraduate and Graduate where the recreation fees ARE NOT included in the maintenance fees) 

$117 per semester

Campus Recreation Office in the ARC
Summer (Non-Current Students)

$10/month OR All Summer for $30

ARC Control Desk 

UTC Alumni 

$180 per 6 months plus a one time $10 surcharge

Campus Recreation Office in the ARC

Subject to a one time $10 surcharge

UTC Faculty and Staff

(Excluding Adjunct Faculty-must pay in full)

$125 per 6 months OR $20.83/month payroll deduction Campus Recreation Office in the ARC
UTC Staff Affiliate $150 per 6 months (cash or check only)

Campus Recreation Office in the ARC

Subject to a one time $10 surcharge

UTC Faculty and Staff Retirees Free

Campus Recreation Office

Subject to a one time $10 surcharge

MOC ONE - Additional Membership -  Must have proof of residency with current member. 18 years or older. Limit one per member. $75 per 6 months

Campus Recreation Office

Subject to a one time $10 surcharge. 

AQUA MOC - Additional Membership

Individual Dependent Pool Pass

18 years or younger.  Including up to 4 dependents per member 

$60 per 6 months for up to 4 dependents. $10 per 6 months each additional dependent.

Campus Recreation Office in the ARC.

Guest Pass- One pass per member allowed

18 years or older - ALL ACCESS

17 Years or Younger - ARC POOL Access Only

*See price change below

$7/Visit (paid by host)

VISA and Mastercard Accepted

ARC Control Desk






"TURNS"  Faculty or Staff only

Restricted to the Third Floor Track

$60 per 6 months or $10 month Campus Recreation Office in the ARC

* UTC Staff Affiliates include but not limited to Aramark employees and UT Medical students/residents.

**  Adjuncts must pay in cash or check (payroll deduction is not available)


Must be an ARC Member to Rent Outdoor or Sports Equipment


Age Requirement Policy: Minimum age of 18 years old to use the facility. Exception: Aqua Moc Swim Pass. Call 423.425.4213 for more information on how to obtain an Aqua Moc Swim Pass membership.


Building Card Access Policy: A valid UTC Mocs Card is required in order to enter during operating hours.


Guest Pass Policy: Only 1 guest per host. Host MUST stay with guest for duration of visit.

As of January 1, 2015, all guest passes will be $7.00 per visit.


Personal Items Policy: Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Mocs Card Use Policy: Improper use of a University ID will result in suspension of building access and is subject to a judicial review. Improper ID use is defined as using someone else's card to gain access into a University building or use of University programs.