Special Programs


Strong Moc Competition

(March 28th-30th)

Description: There will be 3 competitions: squat, bench press & deadlift.  The winner for each will be determined by who can lift the most, pound for pound, using the Schwartz-Malone formula.  The top 3 scorers from each category will receive an award.  Each participant will be allowed two lifts. 

Registration: You will be able to register online or in the Main Office of the ARC from March 20th-27th or until all spots are filled.  There is NO ENTRY FEE. YOU MUST SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE.  Sign up HERE.

Event Days:

  • Tuesday, March 28th: Squat
  • Wednesday, March 29th: Bench Press
  • Thursday, March 30th: Deadlift
  • Women will compete from 4-5:30pm
    • Arrive at 3:30pm for check in
  • Men will compete from 6-8pm
    • Arrive at 5:30pm for check in

Important Information: During the event times, we will have equipment blocked off that will be in use. 1 rack for squat and bench press, and deadlifts will be held in the long walkway around the boulder/rock wall area.  Competitors will lift in alphabetical order by last name, so be warmed up before it's your turn.  If you aren't warmed up when it's your turn, you are either disqualified or you'll have to wait until the end of the competition.


  • Squat

    • 3 judges are present during a squat competition; if 2 out of the 3 judges deem the squat a squat, then the lift counts
    • The lifter is allowed a lifting belt and a spotter; if spotter touches the lifter, the lift is voided
  • Bench Press

    • The butt of the lifter MUST stay on the bench
    • Bar must touch the lifter's chest
    • Lifter is allowed a spotter, but if the spotter touches the bar, the lift is voided
  • Deadlift

    • Lifter is allowed any stance they want
    • Belt is allowed, but lifting straps are NOT
    • Lifter must complete a full lift, lock out, shoulders back, and place the bar back down on the mats.  NO SLAMMING THE WEIGHTS or the rep won't count
    • NO chalk is to be used during event
  • Arrive 30 minutes before event starts to weigh in
  • Mocs card MUST be present for weigh in/check in
  • Lifter will be given 2 attempts per lift, the heavier of the 2 will count
  • Warm up on your own time before the competition begins