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ARC Fitness Personal Training

Fall 2013


ARC Personal Training  now available!

Come by the ARC and begin your fitness journey with one of our ACSM certified personal trainers. 

Please see pricing below.  (check and cash only please)

For more information:  423-425-4213  ARC Main Office or e-mail

Check this out! - New ARC Personal Training Room

1 on 1  and group training sessions will be available, TRX Band System, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Core equipment, Battling Ropes, and Metabolic Testing (VO2 Testing and Body Composition Testing).

*All personal trainers on staff are certified through accredited associations guaranteeing your safety and proper guidance during your sessions.


Personal Training Pricing - Spring 2014



Individual Packages


 ARC Members 

1 session $25 $40
3 sessions $60 $90
6 sessions $110 $140
12 sessions $200 $240
Additional sessions: $20/session $25/session

Small Group Training  -  1 trainer, 5 clients             

This program will return in September this semester!

1 session:

$10 $15

Additional sessions bought:

Save time and trips to the main ARC office and buy up to 10 sessions at once of this training!

$10 $15

Buddy Training Packages -2 people with 1 trainer

1 session $40  ($20/person) $55  ($27.50/person)
3 sessions $105 ($52.50/person) $150  ($75/person)
6 sessions $180 ($90/person) $240 ($120/person)
Additional sessions: $30/session $40/session

ARC Fitness Assessments-Body Composition and Goal Setting

Body Metrix $10 $15
Bod Pod $20 $25