Van and Truck Request


UT Fleet Management has signed an agreement with ARI/WEX to provide a new fuel card program for all campus vehicles. The current cards, Voyager and Fleet One, will be deactivated on December 31st 2015.   You must start using the new ARI/WEX card by, or before, January 1st, 2016. The replacement card is activated and working as of today.

The ARI/WEX card is, "accepted at over 90% of retail fueling locations in the U.S. including 50,000 diesel locations, wherever Wright Express Cards are accepted." This website - - can be used to search for locations that accept the new cards. 

As one of the changes, when using the ARI/WEX card, each person will need their six digit personnel number (used for HR/Payroll example: 123456) to be entered at the pump. This will be your PIN. This is to ensure that the fuel cards are not misused by unauthorized parties. This number will work with any of the ARI/WEX cards from any vehicle.

In addition, ARI offers a roadside assistance program.  This will give one number to call in the event of an after hour roadside incident (i.e. flat tire, break down, etc.). This information will be kept in each vehicle.

For those of you that have cars assigned to your department, please exchange your old Fleet One & Voyager cards for the new ARI/WEX card as soon as possible.  To do so, please visit the Transportation Services office, located in Room 228m of the Administrative Building (Barbara Keegan’s old office). You will need your vehicle # if it’s not on your current fuel cards.  Please note we need your old cards to give you the new one.

Customers using our rental vehicles for off campus travel will also enter their six digit personnel number (NOT UTC I.D.) as their pin when using the new cards. The new card will be in the key packet that is picked up from Transportation Services

FI0725 - Use of University Vehicles 

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