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Event Scheduling

The Cadek Recital Hall Event Calendar is currently available for Cadek Conservatory of Music and Music Department employee use. This page is intended primarily for Cadek Conservatory faculty and staff to schedule events in the Cadek Recital Hall. Use of the Cadek Recital Hall Event Calendar is accessible through faculty members' or staff members' sign-in procedure.  Faculty and staff are asked not to share their access to this calendar.

How to Schedule Events in the Cadek Recital Hall

You may wish to print these instructions before viewing the calendar. To see details about an event, click the event name. Please note that this calendar does NOT include Music Dept. classes, with the exception of selected ensembles.  If you need to schedule an event during a regular University class day between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, please check the University Event Management System, or this calendar to confirm availability of the space.

  • University classes scheduled in the Cadek Recital Hall take priority over all other events.
  • The "Online Event Request Form" is no longer used to schedule Cadek Hall events.
  • All event requests are usually made through the Music Dept., but due to recent changes in procedures and personnel, please email Music Dept. administrators or for assistance, or call the Music Dept. at 423.425.4601.
  • Please review the Cadek Recital Hall event calendar to determine if the date and time you request is available before submitting your event request.
  • Please include the following items when reserving the Cadek Recital Hall:
    • Your official UTC email address
    • Official name of the event (please be brief but descriptive)
    • Detailed explanation/description of your purpose for use of the Cadek Recital Hall. If this is a performance, please include the performance start time and rehearsal date/time, if applicable.
    • Day, Date, & Time (specify AM and/or PM) of your event and earliest time you want to be in hall
    • Estimated number of attendees, if this is a performance event -- this is not necessary for rehearsals
    • Specify if you will need audio, video, or stage setup and specify day, date, and time setup is required - departmental fees may apply
    • Offer an alternate Day, Date, & Time (specify AM and/or PM) of your event whenever possible, especially if you were not able to review the schedule before submitting your booking request.
    • Same day-requests or next-day requests will NOT BE GRANTED.
    • Requests are preferred 2 WEEKS in advance; however, event requests must be submitted at least 7 FULL DAYS prior to the requested reservation date to be thoroughly considered for booking.
    • Note: Cadek Conservatory events are always free of charge per the Director
    • Note (again): University classes scheduled in the Cadek Recital Hall take priority over all other events.

 Questions OR Answers? Contact Cadek Conservatory or call 423-425-4624!