Private Lessons

piano keyboard

      The Cadek Conservatory of Music provides private instruction in all orchestral and band instruments, piano, organ, harpsichord, voice, fiddle,  harp, guitar, mandolin, and banjo.   Traditional piano and string instruments lessons are started at six-years old and band instruments at seven.  Voice lessons are available to students from middle-school and beyond.  Cadek Conservatory welcomes adult students of all ages no matter what musical experience they may have.  Click for calendars, schedules and feesClick here for instrument selection.

Suzuki Instruction

suzuki kids     Suzuki Instruction is a specialized private instruction offered in violin, viola, cello and piano.  We now offer Suzuki guitar lessons as well. The best age for students to begin such instruction is four to five years.  Older students are accepted, and younger students may be enrolled at the teacher's discretion.

Suzuki Activities Group

     To enhance their Suzuki Instruction, Suzuki students are automatically enrolled in the Suzuki Activities Group that meets once or twice each month.  Performing with a group reinforces the musical responses students learn in Suzuki private lessons.   The Suzuki Activities Group provides opportunities to participate in groups with the combined efforts of all Suzuki Instructors and their students.  Suzuki piano, violin, cello, and viola students come together for the benefit of group performances and activities and will learn to play their instrument with others in pairs, trios, and combinations of piano and string performances.  Enrichment classes will explore related areas, such as movement, improvisation, history, or art. Note reading and theory are important topics for all musicians, and the group classes will be divided by ability levels. Group classes may also include ear training, music-related games, and written work by highly trained Suzuki instructors.  For more information please contact our Suzuki coordinators, Irina Polyakova at (423) 425-4591 for piano and   Tammy Fisher at (423) 425-4701, for strings.

Music Theory

     The conservatory provides music theory classes as a complement to the private lessons.  Students currently enrolled in the Cadek Conservatory of Music for private lessons receive this program for free; students can purchase the required computer application through a third-party vendor for a nominal fee. This course includes ear training, sight reading, musical terminology, music history, and the study of intervals and harmony.  The program is offered at sequential levels.  Entrance to all but the first level is based on prior theory training. For more details, please contact the Conservatory office or the program coordinator. 


Flute Choir

flute choir     The Cadek Flute Choir is a performing group open to all flutists who have studied for at least one year. The ensemble is divided into two levels: one for players with one to three years experience, and the other for players with three or more years experience. There is no age limit. Literature ranges from duets to full flute choir, and gives students a chance to become familiar with music used for area solo/ensemble competitions. No audition is required except for placement within the group.  Click here for schedules or fees


kinder drum     Kindermusik is an international program with an integrated curriculum that offers a wide variety of music and movement experiences for newborns to children age 7.  The Cadek Conservatory of Music at UTC began the first Kindermusik program in Chattanooga in 1988.  All our instructors are trained and licensed by Kindermusik International. Kindermusik's goal is to nurture a lifelong love of music.  For more information about this program click here.

Piano Klass Kidz

Pkk logo     Piano Klass Kidz is a group piano course for beginning students ages 6-8. Research in early childhood music shows that group instruction provides an enjoyable, stress-free environment of basic musical skills while also establishing a sense of group spirit and dynamics that increase motivation!  The classes include 45 minutes of weekly instruction in note reading and development of technique and musicality. For more information click Piano Klass Kidz.


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