Imagine That Preschoolers ( Ages 3 1/2 to 5 Years)

45 minute class

adult attends last 15 minutes

Imagine That! captures a child's attention, nurtures budding creativity, and enhances the overall learning process - all through a remarkable blend of music, singing, movement, literature, instrument exploration and pretend play.  The preschooler's creative spirit and boundless energy are focused to develop learning strengths and self-confidence so he'll be ready for school and prepared for future music lessons.

SPRING 2016 Curriculum

 Toys MaterialsToys I Make, Trips I Take — Think of it like taking a course inside a child’s imagination. We’ll use the theme of a toy shop to make our pretend-creations, using rhythm and songs with every imaginary saw, hammer, and nail. The result is building the preschooler’s sense of a sequence of events, which is good for storytelling, as well as making his ideas a reality.
Home Materials
Two books—If I Had a Big Blue Boat and Tippity Tippity Too, Toys I Make Play Set, Two Home CDs, Family Activity Book, and a drum.



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