Imagine That Logo Ages Older Threes to Young Fives

45 minute class

adult attends last 15 minutes


Imagine That! captures a child's attention, nurtures budding creativity, and enhances the overall learning process - all through a remarkable blend of music, singing, movement, literature, instrument exploration and pretend play.  The preschooler's creative spirit and boundless energy are focused to develop learning strengths and self-confidence to be ready for school and prepared for future music lessons.

SPRING 2017  Curriculum

Cities!CITIES!: In this unit, sidewalks, elevators, skyscrapers, and world-traveling photographers are the theme. Learning through pretend play, we'll be playing storytelling games and handcrafting city "buildings" so we can make a cityscape in class! Plus every activity has some play-at-home adaptations for the parents. With a pair of resonator bars as a featured instrument and a multicultural collection of music, preschoolers will develop the social and intellectual skills they'll need in school.
Home Materials: Two books—Razupazu Toto and Down Our Street, Cities! Game Board Set, Double CD, Family Activity Book, and a pair of resonator bars.
(Note: A Term and B Term only students do not receive all of the home materials.)


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