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Winter/Spring 2015 Term Information

Full Term is the full 15 weeks of the semester.

A Term is the first 7 weeks of the semester.

B Term is the last 8 weeks of the Spring semester.

Registration for Full Term and A Term will be open from November 3-January 5.

Registration for B Term will be open from January 14-February 25.

Class Dates: 
  • Full Term classes begin January 12th and end May 4th.
  • A Term classes begin January 12th and end March 2nd.
  • B Term classes begin March 4th and end May 4th.

Holidays: Martin Luther King Day will be observed January 19th. 

Spring Break will be from March 30th-April 3rd.

NOTE: If you want to attend both A Term and B Term that will divide the fee into two payments, but registration must be made twice. The Full Term fee is more economical. You may also choose to just attend A Term or B Term.

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