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Welcome to Cadek Flute Camp

Summer 2015, July 10 & 11

Come Join Us for "Two Exciting and Fun-filled Days"

Flute Camp at the Cadek Conservatory of Music is an exciting 2-day event open to intermediate to advanced level flutists of ALL ages.
July 10 & 11, Friday & Saturday - $20/person (all ages)
  • CASH OR CHECKS ONLY made payable to Cadek Flute Camp
  • Click registration form at right, print, and mail $20 registration fee to: 
    Cadek Conservatory of Music - Flute Camp
    615 McCallie Ave., Dept. 1201
    Chattanooga, TN 37403
  • Program Director: Mrs. Nora Kile, Instructor, Cadek Conservatory of Music at UTC.  Contact -e  Nora-Kile@utc.edu or boatchick55@yahoo.com
    p  423.425.4680 | o 423.842.4570 or 423.413.4761 | f 423.425.5390  
  • Camp registration will remain open through Saturday, July 11. 
^Program highlights:
  • Reading sessions with Professor Nora Kile and Dr. Heather Small
  • Participants will benefit from separate sessions held for the adults & college-level group and then all others -  instructors can focus on each group's specific needs
  • New exhibits include:
    • Music from Flute World
    • Flutes from Whipkeys
  • Mini-concerts - for parents and your guests to enjoy!
Cadek Flute Camp participants interested in private lessons with Professor Nora Kile in fall 2015 term, will receive priority scheduling for the fall term lessons.
From the Camp Director:flute director  Welcome!  Come join me, Mrs. Nora Kile, Flute Professor at the Cadek Conservatory of Music at UTC, and my guest instructor, Dr. Heather Small of the UTC Music Department, for two exciting and fun-filled days of Flute Camp. The primary focus will be reading music for trios up to large flute choirs. It will  be a great way to hone your sight reading skills in a relaxed atmosphere.
     There are many advantages to our camp.  We provide high school flutists and adult flutists with a unique opportunity to develop as musicians and engage with peers from around the state and region.  So, bring your flutes, piccolos, and any other flutes you wish to bring!  We will have a great time together.  I guarantee it!
      Don't delay! Take advantage of the complete camp experience at a great price, and register now.  Join us at the Cadek Conservatory of Music at UTC, in Cadek Hall on July 10 & 11.  I look forward to seeing you there!