Our Programs

The following are offered at the Cadek Conservatory of Music year round:


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  Private Lessons

  • Private Lessons are provided in all orchestral instruments and band instruments, for all ages.
  • suzuki kidsSuzuki piano and string Instructions are offered in private lessons starting between 4 and 7 years old.  Suzuki instruction at the Cadek Conservatory of Music: Suzuki instruction is offered in violin, viola, cello, and piano. The best age for students to begin such instruction is four years old. Older students may be accepted and younger students may be enrolled at the teacher's discretion. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki prefers the method to be known as "talent education method," as he believes that talent is not an accident of birth, but a skill, which can be nurtured with love. The teacher, parent, and child are all important parts of a team. Teacher and parent work together to provide the proper musical environment, to teach the skills in small, success-oriented steps, to supervise practice with meaningful feedback, and to offer an abundance of enthusiasm and praise. Although Suzuki is primarily a private lesson method, it also incorporates group sessions and performances as a part of its curriculum; therefore, the Suzuki activity fee is required.  Average starting age for the Suzuki method is 4 through 7 years of age.

     Suzuki Summer Camp

  • Suzuki summer camps are offered each year.
  • Our Suzuki camp is for Suzuki piano and string students.  Schedule to be determine soon.
  • For more information about lengths of lessons , day & times, or locations, click more program details.         

  Ensembles & Flute Choir

  • The Conservatory offers an ensemble program which enables the student to learn literature and techniques of group performance. Performing with a group reinforces the musical responses the student learns in private lessons. The Conservatory offers ensembles to students from age ten through adult. Ensembles may have varying starting ages or experience levels.  Audition may or may not be required, dependent upon the needs of the group and at the conductor's discretion.flute choir
  • The Cadek Flute Choir is a performing group open to all flutists who have studied for at least one year. The choir is divided into two levels: one for players with one to three years experience, and the other for players with three or more years experience. There is no age limit. Literature ranges from duets to full flute choir, and gives students a chance to become familiar with music used for area solo/ensemble competitions. No audition is required except for placement within the group. For more information, call the program director, Nora Kile at (423) 425-4680.


  • Kindermusik Classes - early exposure to music can be vitally important to a young child's total development.  Research indicates that music helps build children's self-confidence, enhances complex reasoning abilities, and focuses a child's listening skills.  The Kindermusik program at the Cadek Conseratory of Music has been repeatedly recognized by Kindermusik International with their Maestro award for exceptional service provided by our highly skilled and licensed instructors.  The Cadek Conservatory was the first to offer the Kindermusik programs in Chattanooga, in 1987, and is honored to serve families throughout the Chattanooga and surrounding areas for over two decades!  For more details click here!

kinder drum To meet the needs of children from birth to age seven, the Conservatory offers Kindermusik, an international program with a gently structured curriculum that offers children a wide variety of musical experiences. The Conservatory has been recognized by Kindermusik International as one of the top fifty programs in the world.  All Cadek Conservatory Kindermusik instructors are trained and licensed by Kindermusik International.


   Piano Klass Kidz

  • piano klass

    Piano Klass Kidz is a uniquely designed group piano course offered in the fall and spring at the Cadek Conservatory.  It is designed for beginning students between the ages of 6 and 8 years. Group instruction provides a friendly and fun way for kids to enjoy making music with others.  Piano Klass Kidz offers 45 minutes of weekly lessons each semester.  Your child will enjoy learning note reading and developing music techniques only offered in this class.   The Piano Klass Kidz's instructor, Janet Sump, is also the designer and creator of the program. The course serves as excellent preparation for the next step in music instruction, private lessons.  Click here for more information.