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2nd 9-wk FALL Registration OPENS August 28 - Lessons begin  Oct. 20! 
Kindermusik 'B' Term Registration OPENS August 28 - Lessons begin  Oct. 12! 
Spring 2016 Registration for ALL (PKK, Kindermusik, Private, Ensemble) BEGINS Oct. 26!  home page logo
Cadek Conservatory’s Kindermusik studio has been awarded the Kindermusik Maestro award for 2015-2016, the mitchellhighest recognition awarded by Kindermusik International. This award recognizes the top Kindermusik programs internationally for profoundly impacting the mission to reach all children with the benefits of Kindermusik. More than 2 million families in over 70 countries love Kindermusik, and only the top 5% of Kindermusik studios achieve this status. We thank our one and only Kindermusik instructor, Ms. Maria Mitchell, for her dedication and hard work in making this happen another year, all by herself! 
       Please join us, Kindermusik at Cadek Conservatory, in congratulating “Miss Maria”, for this great accomplishment.  The recognition comes with a certificate from Kindermusik International. Kindermusik@Cadek