Fee Information

Classes must be paid with the Bursar’s Office by  August 11, 2016 to avoid cancellation

Payment of Fees, Cancellation of Classes

  • Fees will be assessed to students who pre-register beginning July 18, 2016. Students should log in to their My MocsNet account, select the "Money" tab, click on "Go to My Account" to view fall fees and charges.
  • ANY Student registered for any fall 2016  course by August 11, 2016  must pay by the established payment deadline date of August 11, 2016, regardless of the term or part of term for the semester.  Fees not paid by the due date of August 11, 2016 , will result in classes being cancelled for non-payment. 
  • Students who register or re-register after August 11, 2016  for Part of Term I and /or Full Term  must pay prior to August 22, 2016 to avoid a $50.00 late fee charge.  Students who register or re-register after August 11, 2016  for Part of Term II must pay by  October 17, 2016 to avoid a $50.00 late fee charge.
  • Students who register after the August 11, 2016  cancellation and those students that re-register for fall terms will NOT automatically be cancelled for non-confirmation of attendance or non-payment.  It is the responsibility of these students to drop individual classes or to withdraw from all classes to prevent the assessment of fees and to avoid the risk of receiving a failing grade in courses not taken.
  • Students must withdraw or drop classes prior to the first official day of each of the fall terms to avoid charges.
  • Students who register after each term begins will be assessed a $50.00 late fee charge.

Classes not paid with the Bursar’s Office by  

August 11, 2016

  will be cancelled for non-payment.

Using our Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)

A student who is in good financial standing with the University may enroll in the Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP).  Go to the following link for more details on the Tuition Installment Payment Plan:  TIPP

When You View Your E-Statement

If you owe money…

  1. Check or Cash: Pay in person or mail your check to UTC before the August 11, 2016 deadline.
  2. Credit Card or Electronic Check Options: Via My MocsNet, by the August 11, 2016 deadline.
  3. Tuition Installment Payment Plan: Pay 1/4 of your balance and a $30.00 extension fee by one of the above methods by the August 11, 2016 deadline and the remaining balance is divided into three equal payments due September 1, 2016, October 1, 2016 and November 1, 2016.

Financial Aid Recipients:

By accepting financial aid, the student acknowledges acceptance of tuition and fee charges assessed upon registration in UTC classes for the term.  Financial aid students whose aid does not cover their entire UTC bill are responsible for either paying the balance or making arrangements for payment (Tuition Installment Payment Plan) prior to the fee payment deadline, August 11, 2016.  Classes will be cancelled for students who have not paid in full and have not made arrangements to pay by the fee payment deadline, August 11, 2016 .


To Receive Excess Financial Aid Funds:

Classes will be cancelled for students who have not paid in full and have not made arrangements to pay by the fee payment deadline,  August 11, 2016 .

We recommend direct deposit with the bank of your choice.  You may choose to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to have your check mailed on August 31, 2016   OR
you may pick up your funds on August 31, 2016 from 8:00am until 5:30pm in the Bursar's Office Room 274, University Center.

Classes must be PAID with the Bursar's Office by   August 11, 2016 .


If you have questions about: Contact Office Phone
Credit Hours Registration Office (423) 425-4416
Financial Aid/Scholarships Financial/Scholarships Office 423) 425-4677
Undergraduate Residency Admissions Office (423) 425-4662
Graduate Residency Admissions Office (423) 425-4666
Mocs Express Statement Bursar's Office (423) 425-4781
Meal Plan Mocs Card Office (423) 425-5819
Housing Housing Office (423) 425-4304
Online/Distance Learning UTC Learn Online (423) 425-5835

For more information about Fee Payment,
Call the Bursar's Office (423) 425-4781