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William E. Brock, Jr. Scholarships

New Brock Scholars for fall 2014 will receive a Brock Scholarship of $2,000 per year, and if they choose to live in the Brock Scholars community in Lockmiller Apts. they will receive an additional housing stipend of $2,000 per year.  Brock Scholars who choose to live in other housing locations will forfeit the $2,000 Brock housing stipend for that year.

The Brock Scholarship will be combined with other UTC Institutional Scholarships, such as the Chancellor's, Provost's, or MOCS Scholarships, and with TN Lottery Scholarships and other outside scholarships, as long as the total award does not exceed the cost of attendance as determined by the Financial Aid Office.

The Brock Scholars Program can not make up for other scholarships or lottery funds a student does not receive because of failure to meet deadlines or other eligibility requirements for those funds. Brock Scholarship awards were announced at the conclusion of our application process in early March.

Brock Scholarship funding levels for Fall 2015 freshmen have not yet been determined.  More information about Brock Scholarship awards for future freshmen will be available in September 2014 when the Brock Scholars Program application process will be open.