Student Awards

  • Dr. Wilbur K. Butts Award

    To the senior biology major with the highest overall GPA (graduating senior)
    2011 Recipients: Jessica Howard and Lauren Milleville 
    2010 Recipient: Wilson Tyler Walker 
    2009 Recipient: Leigh Ann Norris
    2008 Recipients: Catherine Coffman, Laura Lomenick, Cyril Fider, and Amy Mohr
    2007 Recipients: Jennifer Jackson and Eric Cohen 
    2006 Recipient: Bernadette Helton
    2005 Recipient: Lisa Worthen
    2004 Recipient: Katherine Van Deusen
    2003 Recipient: Julie Hogan
    2002 Recipient: Yasmin Alishahi
    2001 Recipients: Rachel Acuff and Carment Hartline
    2000 Recipient: Daniel Nepp
    1999 Recipient: Stephen Thompson 

  • Dr. Charles Robert Thomas Pre-Medical Scholarship

    To an outstanding biology pre-medical student (rising senior)
    2011 Recipient: Megan Ayers 
    2010 Recipient: Lindsey Allison Deloach 
    2009 Recipient: Jessica Howard 
    2008 Recipient: Leigh Ann Norris 
    2007 Recipient: Amanda Weaver
    2006 Recipient: Whitney Black 
    2005 Recipient: Charles Phillips 
    2004 Recipient: Jessica Scott 
    2003 Recipient: Daniel Barker 
    2002 Recipient: Matthew Zak 
    2001 Recipient: Whitney Sanders 
    2000 Recipient: Rachel Acuff 

  • Joyce Litchford Memorial Scholarship

    To an outstanding biology pre-medical student (rising senior)
    2011 Recipient: Duncan McPherson 
    2010 Recipient: Jennifer M. Woosley 
    2009 Recipient: Jesalyn Tate
    2008 Recipient: Kyle Mullins 
    2007 Recipient: Cyril Fider
    2006 Recipient: Bradley Thrasher
    2005 Recipient: Danielle Hobdy
    2004 Recipient: Elysia Beth Parham
    2003 Recipient: Katherine VanDeusen
    2002 Recipient: Chris Kulisek
    2001 Recipient: Yasmin Alishahi
    2000 Recipient: Christina Simmons 

  • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Thomasson Pre-Medical Scholarship

    To an outstanding biology pre-medical student (rising senior)
    2011 Recipient: Megan Roberson 
    2010 Recipient: Joshua L. Ooten 
    2009 Recipient: Charles Felts 
    2008 Recipient: Michael Hernandez 

  • Environmental Sciences Award

    To the graduating senior with the highest grade point average who has made significant contributions in both service and scholastic achievement to the environmental sciences program (graduating senior)
    2011 Recipients: Maria Cooksey and Trevor Slayton 
    2010 Recipients: Carolyn Sue Hoagland and Tiia Berit Sailstad 
    2009 Recipients: Lauren Harris and Jeff Kemper 
    2008 Recipient: Ayla Joy Callihan 
    2007 Recipient: Moriah Salter
    2006 Recipient: Callie Montgomery and Joshua Workman 
    2005 Recipient: Michelle Elaine Curtis 
    2004 Recipient: Laura Kathleen O'Dows and William Dennis Starrett 
    2003 Recipient: Lucinda Goolsby 

  • Outstanding Service to the Department

    To a student providing outstanding service to the department
    2011 Recipients: Adam Lyons, Jacob Wilkins, and Colleen Mikelson 
    2010 Recipients: Kurtis Alexander Kilbourne, Elizabeth J. Southall, Jessica M. Hubbuch, and Jessica G. Huffstutter 
    2009 Recipients: Jennifer Grubb, Michael Hernandez, and Mark Wisdom

  • Outstanding Research Award

    To a outstanding student researchers
    2011 Recipients: Lauren Milleville, George Campbell, and Reid Bolus 
    2009 Recipients: Jamie Dinkins and Leigh Ann Norris

  • Department Award

    2011 Recipients: Kayla Egner, Erika Tierce, Carolyn Hoagland, Sarah Candler 
    2010 Recipients: Erika Tierce