Program Requirements

To earn the M.S. degree, students must successfully complete 38 semester hours in the thesis option, internship option, or the learned discourse option with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Program of Study

Students must submit a Program of Study during the first semester of graduate coursework. The Program of Study consist of all core courses and any electives and establishes the courses the student must take for partial fulfillment of the degree requirements. The Program of Study form must include all core courses and electives, if known at the time, the student will take. The Program of Study form is located at The Graduate School website

Admission to Candidacy

The application for admission to candidacy is typically filed in the semester prior to a student’s anticipated graduation semester and should list all courses not listed on the Program of Study and any changes in coursework. Please refer to Application for Admission to Candidacy section. The appropriate form may be obtained from the Graduate School Web site at The Graduate School website

Core Courses (14 hours)

All students must take the following courses:

  • ESC 5020 - Mechanisms in the Environment
  • ESC 5050 - Biodiversity and Natural Resources Conservation
  • ESC 5120 - Applied Statistics for Environmental Scientists
  • ESC 5140 - Environmental Law and Regulations
  • ESC 5700 - Seminar I (must be taken in first year of graduate program)
  • ESC 5710 - Seminar II (must be taken in first year of graduate program)

Research (minimum of 3 hours)

Unrestricted Electives (Thesis+internship option=18 hours; Learned discourse=21 hours)

Any courses taken for graduate credit as recommended by the student’s graduate committee and approved by the graduate program coordinator, totaling 18 hours minimum for thesis and internship options; 21 hours minimum for the learned discourse option.