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Profile photo of Ethan Carver, Ph.D.
Ethan Carver, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Biological and Environmental Sciences
Ph.D. - University of Tennessee, Biomedical Sciences
  227 Holt

Carver Lab Website

Research Interests

In my lab we study formation of the spinal chord and vertebral column during zebrafish embryogenesis.



 STEM Professional Development grant (Co-director/participant) (2012)

NIH AREA grant (PI) (2009) 1R15AR055798-01A1

NSF MRI grant (PI) (2009) Co-PIs, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Spratt, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Chatzimanolis  DBI-0922941

NSF MRI grant (Co-PI) (2008) PI- Dr. Kovach, Co-PI-Dr. Spratt, Dr. Barbosa, Dr. Kim DBI-0821057

American Cancer Society grant recipient (7/01-7/02) PT-01-130-10-MGO

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development(7/01) 1F32HD08714-01A1
Declined to accept American Cancer Society grant

National Cancer Institute, Institutional Training Grant Recipient (6/99-7/01) CA09217



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