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Profile photo of Hope Klug, Ph.D.
Hope Klug, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Biological and Environmental Sciences
Ph.D. - University of Florida
  221 Holt

Klug Lab Website


Research Interests

Mating systems, social interaction, and parental effort are intimately linked to patterns of sexual selection, life-history, and the ways in which the environment shapes the evolution of different sexes. This is the focus of my research: I study the selective pressures that give rise to different mating systems, patterns of sexual selection, and behavior such as parental care. I use a combination of field and laboratory observation, manipulative experiments, and mathematical modeling to advance and test theory. In my lab, we are driven by curiosity, embrace diversity, foster critical and independent thinking, and place a high priority on scientific rigor.



2013-2016: National Science Foundation: MRI: Acquisition of growth chambers for global change biology research and research training at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. NSF Division of Biological Infrastructure, Major Research Instrumentation. ($342,945) (PI: J. Boyd; Co-PIs: S. Chatzimanolis, H. Klug, J. Shaw, & T. Wilson).

2012: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Faculty Development Grant.

2008-2010: National Science Foundation International Research Program: The Role of Resource Competition and Density Dependence in Sexual Selection Theory ($174, 362) (PI).  


Klug, H., Bonsall, M.B., & Alonzo, S.H. 2013. The origin of parental care in relation to male and female life-history.  Ecology & Evolution. 3:779-791.

Kokko, H., Klug, H., & Jennions, M.D. 2012. Unifying cornerstones of sexual selection: operational sex ratio, Bateman gradient, and the scope for competitive investment. Ecology Letters (invited review). 15:1340-1351.

Jennions, M.J., Kokko, H., & Klug. H. 2012. The opportunity to be misled in studies of sexual selection. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 25:591-598.

Klug, H., Heuschele, J., Jennions, M.D, & Kokko, H. 2010. The mismeasurement of sexual selection. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 23(3):447-462.

Klug, H., Lindström, K., & Kokko, H. 2010. Who to include in measures of sexual selection is no trivial matter. Ecology Letters. 13:1094-1102.

Klug, H. & Bonsall, M.B. 2010. Life history and the evolution of parental care. Evolution. 64(3):823-835.

Klug, H. & Bonsall, M.B. 2007. When to care for, abandon, or eat your offspring: the evolution of parental care and filial cannibalism. American Naturalist. 170: 886-901.


Books/Book Chapters

Klug, H., Alonzo, S.H., & Bonsall, M.B. 2012. “Theoretical foundations of parental care”, in The Evolution of Parental Care (eds. Royle, N.J., Smiseth, P.T., Kölliker, M.). Oxford University Press.