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Profile photo of Cheryl Murphy, Ph.D.
Cheryl Murphy, Ph.D.
Faculty Associate; Lab Coordinator
Biological and Environmental Sciences
Ph.D. - University of Kansas
  212 Holt

I wear several hats as the Faculty Associate within the Department, which include: purchasing, Chemical Hygiene and Safety Officer, Emergency Management Officer and managing the Departmental website. In addition, I am the Laboratory Coordinator for the Introductory Biology Labs (I and II).

I am also a plant and soil community ecologist. More specifically, I am interested in the impacts of plant species diversity on soil microbial communities and the subsequent effects on ecosystem processing mediated by soil bacteria and fungi. Various components of global change are decreasing biodiversity and altering processes such as nutrient and water cycling. However, most biodiversity studies only include aboveground aspects and very little is known about how soil microbial communities change due to direct (e.g. land-use change) and indirect causes (e.g. decreases in plant diversity).



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