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Research Interests

My primary research interest is in mammalian genomics: the identification and functional characterization of genes. In particular, I am interested in genome organization and chromatin structure and their influences on nuclear functions such as DNA replication, chromosome segregation and gene expression. This is an extremely exciting field of research that has become practical and manageable with the completion of the hum and mouse genome sequencing projects. Currently I have two projects that focus on gene regulatory effects and mechanisms involved in the molecular pathology of cancer and hereditary deafness.



$54,898* – Nanofiber Based Bone Repair Device for Limb Salvage (2011-2014). Thomas Currey (P.I.), M. Kovach, J. Doshi, S. Symes. Source: U. S. Department of Defense/Army. *subcontract of a proposal with UT College of Medicine and E-Spin.

$87,250 – Acquisition of a Microarray Scanner and Real-Time PCR System for Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching. (2008). Margaret Kovach (P.I.), J. Barbosa, J. Kim, E. Carver, H. Spratt. Source: National Science Foundation.

$201,154 – Microsatellite Sequence Variability within Transcribed Regions of Genes Involved in Cancer (2008-2010). Margaret Kovach (P.I.). Source: National Institute of Health.

$85,642 – Modernization of the Biology Curriculum through Adaptation of an Investigative Laboratory in Molecular Biology (2005-2008). Margaret Kovach (P.I.). Source: National Science Foundation.

$251,270 – Acquisition of a LC-MS-MS for Research in Biology, Environmental Science, and Chemistry at UT Chattanooga (2005). Sean Richards (P.I.), S. Symes, G. Grant, M. Kovach, D. Kreiss. Source: National Science Foundation.

$189,609 – Molecular Pathology of Deafness due to Mutation in PMP22 (2004-2007). Margaret Kovach (P.I.), G. Armour. Source: National Science Foundation.

$178,953 – PAH/Metal Exposure and Effects Assessment in Chattanooga (2004-2007). Sean Richards (P.I.), M. Kovach, K. Johnson, Z. Lin. Source: National Science Foundation.

$95,100 – Acquisition of a Fluorescence Imaging System for Research in Biology, Environmental Science and Chemistry at UT Chattanooga (2003). Margaret Kovach (P.I.), S. Richards, M. Santiago, H. Spratt. Source: National Science Foundation.



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Watts GDJ, Thorne M, Kovach MJ, Pestronk A, Kimonis VE (2003) Clinical and Genetic Heterogeneity in Chromosome 9p associated Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy: Exclusion of GNE and three other candidate genes. Neuromuscular Disorders, 13:559-567.

Kovach MJ, Campbell KC, Herman K, Waggoner B, Gelber D, Hughes LF, Kimonis VE (2002) Anticipation in a unique family with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome and Deafness: Delineation of the clinical feature and review of the literature. American Journal of Medical Genetics, 108:295-303.

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