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Profile photo of David Aborn, Ph.D
David Aborn, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator
Biological and Environmental Sciences
Ph.D. - University of S. Mississippi
  110B Holt

Research Interests

I am interested in many aspects of avian biology, especially migration, habitat selection, and the effects of urbanization. I am currently studying the suitability of urban greenspaces as stopover sites for migrating songbirds, as well as the behavior and economic impact of Sandhill Cranes overwintering at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge, and the breeding biology of Tree Swallows. My graduate students have examined such topics as the impact of exotic vegetation on bird diversity and abundance, nest predation in urban environments, the impact of pedestrian traffic on migrating songbirds, the distribution and population genetics of Northern Saw-whet Owls, and foraging ecology of wintering waterfowl.



2013 Population dynamics of Northern Saw-whet Owls in the Southern Appalachians. Funded by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

2001 Migration, overwintering behavior, and economic impact of Sandhill Cranes in east Tennessee. Funded by the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga and the Tennessee Ornithological Society.



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Aborn, D. A.  2011. Behavior and habitat use of greater Sandhill Cranes in east Tennessee.  Proceedings of the North American Crane Workshop 11: 9-14.

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