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Outcomes, Assessment & Accreditation

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is undertaking several projects in assessment, learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness.  Resources for these projects are listed below.

Institutional Assessment & Effectiveness Resources

Curriculum Mapping Project (Processes, Information & Timelines)

Course Redesign Project

Syllabus Information:  This checklist of required and suggested syllabus items is designed to help you communicate basic class information to students to help them be successful in your class. 

Before submitting your syllabus for SACS-COC, please be sure to name the file to include the department abbreviation (all caps), dot, course number, dot, CRN number.  (Example: ENGL.1020.40252.doc or CRMJ.2110.42458.42459.doc [for multiple CRNs on one syllabus].)  Please make sure the instructor name(s) listed on the syllabus matches the instructor(s) listed in Banner and the online Course Timetable.  If the instructor(s) of record listed in Banner is incorrect, contact Records to make corrections to the Schedule of Classes/Course Timetable. 

Academic & Related Institutional Policies