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High vs Low Risk Drinking

Making the right choice makes all the difference! High risk drinking can cost more than hangover, it could cost you your life! Make the right choice and learn how to drink responsibly!

High Risk Low Risk

Chugging, drinking games, shots (drinking anything out of a punch bowl, trough, hose, or funnel)

Thinking about whether you will drink, what you will drink before the party

Underage Drinking (under 21)

Being 21 or older

Drinking to get drunk (intoxicated)

Drinking no more than one drink per hour

Driving after drinking or riding with someone under the influence

Knowing how you will get home safely before you go out. Choose a designated driver or save the phone to a cab in your phone.

Drinking too much too fast

Abstaining is the safest choice

Going to parties where people drink too much

Eating a meal before drinking

Not knowing what is in your glass or leaving it unattended

Always knowing what you are drinking, what is in your drink, and where it came from.

Mixing alcohol with medications or illegal drugs

Alternating alcohol-free drinks throughout the evening

Binge drinking is considered:

  • Men — More than five drinks in one setting
  • Women — More than four drinks in one setting