Selecting a college should be a personal choice.

At UTC, we have more than 11,000 students and they have 11,000 reasons for choosing UTC. Opportunities for research. Honors experiences. Living on campus. Athletics and extracurricular activities. Creative endeavors. High achievement.

For the past decade, UTC has been Tennessee’s fastest growing university, with more and more students making UTC their first choice campus. Whatever you are looking for in a college experience, you can find it at UTC. Ranked among the top tier of Southern regional universities, UTC offers majors in some of today’s most sought after careers. Plus, we offer the academic support resources to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

While Chattanooga is becoming The Gig City, UTC is keeping pace as its Gig University. UTC students are learning today to lead tomorrow, and in the living laboratory of Chattanooga, they gain skills that they can exercise in communities around the world. Through research projects, honors activities, internships, and clinical placements, UTC students apply what they learn in the classroom in real world settings.

Clubs, concerts, plays, athletics events, games. Something is always happening on campus. Living on campus ensures you never have to miss a minute. And when class is over, you won’t have far to go to climb, glide, hike, camp, tube, float, paddle, explore, shop, eat, kick back, and generally have a blast! Music, restaurants, shopping, adventure, and more await you just a short walk from the campus.

So what’s your reason for choosing UTC?

chantz yanagida

Chantz chose leadership

Chantz chose UTC to lead the field of nuclear engineering. As an engineering major, Chantz plans to work on optimizing nuclear power plants for more efficient and safe energy. “I loved the idea of being able to pursue my goals and being able to serve my community at the same time.” Chantz wants incoming freshmen to consider UTC because, “Chattanooga provides a rare opportunity for students to be able to pursue their degree while establishing their presence in the local job market. Also, the dorms are bigger than most other colleges around the country."

emily lindsay

Emily chose research

Emily chose UTC for the research opportunities. She is a biology major and hopes to become a geneticist and put her research experience to good use working with Doctors Without Borders. She has enjoyed becoming a committee chair in Freshmen Senate and being able to plan events to directly impact Campus. Emily wants incoming college freshmen to consider UTC because, “UTC is amazing and Chattanooga as a city is a great and interesting place to live. There is really no downside to going here; you get the neat atmosphere as well as a quality education from great professors."

andrew hodson

Andrew chose living on campus

Andrew chose UTC because it was a great value for the cost of tuition. In his time at UTC, he has joined the ROTC Military Science and Leadership Program, saying, “My most unique experience this year at UTC was going to the ROTC FTX (Field Training Exercise).” He hasn’t decided if he will pursue a career with his biology major or use his ROTC experience as a career military officer. Andrew’s advice to incoming college freshmen is to seek out scholarships. You never know what might be available if you don’t check!

simone edwards

Simone chose honors

Simone chose UTC for the Brock Scholars program. “The Honors College at UTC is amazing: the staff is really invested and the community that comes with being an honors student is wonderful.” Simone is majoring in Political Science and participating in Mock Trial. “The team has been very welcoming, and it was really fun to represent UTC at tournaments where so many different colleges were competing.” Simone wants current high school seniors to know that, “UTC has given me caring friends, unique experiences, valuable lessons, and useful knowledge that I wouldn’t have if I were at any other school. Go Mocs!”

robert parker

Robert chose high achievement

Robert chose UTC because of the achievement opportunities it presented. In his first semester, he has enjoyed being a part of the High Achieving Mocs Living Learning Community. “I’ve met some amazing people through the HAM LLC,” he said. Robert is looking forward to remaining in Chattanooga during the summer, where he will still be close enough to Campus to participate in summer internships. His advice to current high school seniors considering colleges is, “I would say pick a college where you can grow. Don't chose a college based off of friends or wanting to get away.”

lauren thomas

Lauren chose research

Lauren chose UTC for the research opportunities and for its strong science program. She is majoring in Pre-Professional Biology. She plans to use her research experience and her degree to go to dental school and then go on to become an orthodontist. She advises incoming college freshmen to get involved on campus, saying, “So far this semester, I have met many new friends and I have gotten involved in new things that I never would have thought about doing.”

alex durham

Alex chose creativity

Alex chose UTC for the creative opportunities.  As a theatre major, she hopes to go on to get her master’s degree in sound design so that she can work professionally as an audio designer for theatres, recording companies, and maybe movies or television. She advises current high school seniors thinking about college to “focus on finding a college that makes you feel at home! In my first year here at UTC, I have already made tons of friends, become close to all of my teachers, and had the time of my life!”

luke hutchins

Luke chose scholar athlete

Luke chose UTC because it gave him the opportunity to be a scholar and an athlete. He is on the Mocs Football team, saying, “One of the best experiences I've had is being a part of winning the Socon championship in football.” Luke is majoring in mechanical engineering. He advises current high school seniors considering colleges to “honestly think about where you want to start a life, and think if you would like to live in the city that school is in. I chose UTC because I couldn't see myself living anywhere too far outside of the Chattanooga area in the future.”