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Policy Name Version
Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure, Policies Governing3/16/2006
Academic Program Discontinuance2/27/2009
Board of Trustees Policies
Code of Ethics for Appointed Trustees10/9/2009
Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees6/17/1992
Editorial Guide for UTC
Electronic Mail Policy7/14/2000
Facilities & Grounds Usage FormAugust 2014
Facilities Use PolicyApril 2016
Faculty Handbook Revisions, Policy on (BOT)6/18/1992
FeesCurrent year
Graphic Guidelines
Honorary Degrees, Policy on Awarding10/25/2002
Key Policy
Logos, Public Use
Minors on Campus, BOT1/1/2014
Misconduct in Research and Service, Policy on10/28/2005
Moving Guidelines (on campus)
Naming of Facilities and Other Assets of the University of Tennessee, Policy on the10/22/2010
Non-Sexist Language
Notification of Policies Regarding Unlawful Discrimination, including Sexual Harassment2/1/1994
Operating Policy and Procedure System 4/13/2015
Permanent Residency Policy
Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure3/16/2006
Policy Statement on Presidential Performance Reviews2/27/2014
Powerpoint Templates
Presidential Performance Reviews, Policy Statement on2/27/2014
Public Records Request
Publication Best Practices
Publication Numbering System
Records Request
Refund Policies, StudentCurrent year
Sexist Language
Sexual Harassment2015
Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence and Stalking, Interim Policy on1/5/2015
Sexual Offense Reporting2/1/1994
Social Media Policy
Space Management
StationeryApril 2015
Student FeesCurrent year
Student Programs and Services Fee, Policy on6/19/2014
Tenure, BOT3/16/2006
Title IX
Travel, Policy Statement on10/9/2009
Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)Fall 2015
University Web Page Policies
Web Pages
Work Requests